Do you want to (re) build with attention to your ecological footprint? Then you will find a tailor-made solution at Mount Leon. You can contact us for technical installations in and around homes and buildings. Together we adjust that to your energy needs.


We create an optimal and healthy living environment in your home or building by using efficient and intelligent techniques. Your energy bill stays low thanks to the energy-efficient installations we choose and thanks to their simplicity you have little work on maintenance. This gives you maximum living comfort and minimal environmental impact.


To know how much energy your house or building needs, we do an energy loss calculation. Here we base ourselves on deciding which heating installation, production of hot water and ventilation we choose. If you want an electrical installation with its own production and storage of energy, we can also work it out.


We always work within your budget and planning. This is possible because we are not proprietary. We can therefore propose the best solution for your situation. The installation and commissioning of the complete concept are fully executed and coordinated by us, so that you only have one contact person. We personally accompany you from beginning to end.

For all our construction realisations we work firmly together with the people from EnerPro


When you look at a yearly electricity usage of a 3 person family you will see that this is somewhere around 3400KWh. With the correct calculations a big part of this power usage can be covered with your personal solar system.

By installing a solar boiler you are able to reduce your gas or electricity bill up to 1/3 of it’s current state. Combine this with a heat pump and you will be able to heat all of your warm water needs around the house. (Central heating, consumption water and pools).

A frequently used combination for sustainable heating is the combination of a heat pump with solar panels, also known as PV panels. Because a heat pump is powered by electricity, it is possible to feed your heat pump with self-generated electricity from solar panels and thereby make your home a zero-meter meter home. This is not possible with a gas boiler and therefore the combination of solar panels with a heat pump is ideal. Even in colder periods, solar panels provide electricity to generate heat in combination with a heat pump. In warm periods, heat pumps can even work in reverse and cool homes.

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