In the winter we offer organised training periods all over Austria and Swiss. During these periods we offer a wide variety of training possibilities. Going from speed training for the Alpine racer till technique training for the casual wintersporter.


As the season starts or comes to an end it is the best moment to start working on the muscle strength and coördination on the snow. Therefore we offer a great variety of training moments and periods in the mountains but also in Belgium.


During summer we provide weekly group trainings to assure you are in top shape for the next winter season.

Check out the training calendar here:


At Mount Leon we are specialised in winter sports training all year round.  We offer training and lessons for people of all levels. With more than 15 years of experience in Competitive skiing, and over 10 years in freeride skiing Mount Leon offers you the ultimate help in getting a better winter sporter.

To offer you the best service possible, Mount Leon works only with Austrian qualified ski and snowboard teachers and trainers. All of our trainers have at least the austrian “Landes I” diploma. Depending on your needs we will bring you in contact with the most suited person for your training.

If you feel the need to get your performance on the slopes better than ever, we can bring you the solution. At Mount Leon we offer a wide range of technique training possibilities, from private to group lessons and even further training for coaches and ski teachers.

If you have the drive and mindset to be a winner you have come a far part already. We at Mount Leon offer Specific alpine race training to get you in the best shape and ski better than before. We provide you with team training, personal training, mental coaching and competition guidance. All our services are tailor made for your needs, it doesn’t matter if you ski national champs or international FIS competitions, at Mount Leon we will match you with the perfect coach for your goals!

Skie Cross combines the fun and relaxed atmosphere from a freestyle competition with the focus, adrenaline and timing from a GS competition. We at Mount Leon are the first fully equipped company that provides you with optimal training abilities and knowledge about skie Cross. During the winter season we often go to the alps for competitions which are open for anybody as well as FIS competitions. If you are interested, feel free to contact us to get more information.

Free the mind, Free the ride. We at Mount Leon think that freeriding is not just another wintersport discipline, no we see it as a lifestyle!
Come with us on one of our trips around Europe to discover nature in it’s most pure and untouched form. We offer trips for alle levels of experience.

If you never went freeriding before, we offer the starter level on which we teach you all basics of freeride skiing within the safe boundaries of the skie area. We take the lift up the mountain and skie back down in between and next to the slopes.

If you have some experience we offer the pro pack. On this trip we will take you outside of the skie area’s hike up the mountain with touring skies and enjoy the freshest lines in knee deep powder and awesome sights from the top of the mountain, far away from all crowds and noise!

Ever wondered what you should do when you see an avalanche happen or when someone crashes around you on the slope? We teach you in a safe environment how to anticipate in such moments and how to keep your head cool so you help those in need as good as possible.

These courses are given in Belgium and The Netherlands.

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