🏢 The Importance of a Thorough Job Site Visit 🛠️

Recently, we were tasked with repairing a crack in the facade of an apartment building. After the building manager, UW BEHEER, approved our initial quote, we conducted a thorough job site visit to gather additional details and ensure we were fully prepared with the necessary rigging gear and materials.

During the visit, our colleague observed more damage than initially anticipated, including missing joints between the brickwork and holes adjacent to the windows and shutters. Upon conversing with the occupants, it became evident that they were also experiencing issues with drafts and moisture in these areas.

Realizing the significance of this additional damage, we meticulously documented our findings with detailed pictures and notes in a comprehensive job site visit report. We promptly shared this report with UW BEHEER, offering to provide a revised quote that included repairs for the newly discovered damages.

UW BEHEER expressed gratitude for the thorough information provided, acknowledging the importance of addressing these additional concerns. After discussing the extra costs with the occupants, they reached out to proceed with the repairs.

Recognizing that time was of the essence, especially with impending rainfall exacerbating the water damage, we adjusted our schedule and swiftly planned the work within two days of receiving the go-ahead.

This experience underscores the vital importance of conducting thorough job site visits before commencing any work. By uncovering hidden issues early on, we can provide comprehensive solutions and ensure the long-term integrity of the structures we work on. 🏗️💡