About us

Tom De Bruyn | Founder

Tom is the founding father of the Mount Leon company. Since his birth his parents took him out on camping trips. From the moment he was 3, he learned the first steps of skiing and climbing. At the age of 7 he did his first real alpine climb and went to the summit of the Similaun in Italy.

He started ski racing at the age of 6 and continued to do this untill the age of 18. During this period he studied as an electrical engineer from 2011 ’till 2013. 

After that he went to study graphic design in Antwerp. Over the course of 4 years he learned all things about design for web and print. Ever since he was a little kid he was passionate about taking pictures with his father in the mountain. This passion continued when he was a teenager and he started to take pictures more and more himself. When he got his first Gopro he realised there is more than only static pictures and discovered the magical world of video. 

He started his ski teacher courses when he was 15 and immediately started working as one of Belgium’s youngest ski teachers on the dry slope of Aspen in Antwerp. At that time he was still active as a skiracer, but after 3 years he stopped ski racing to become a ski coach and trainer himself.

portrait picture of tom de bruyn
old man hiking in the mountains in black and white

About the name | Leon Gysbrechts

Mount Leon, a special name within the outdoor community in the lowlands of Europe. The origins of the name lie way back to the year 1995. That is when Leon Gysbrechts became the grandfather of Tom, our founder. Tom grew up with his grandparents until he was 10 because his parents were both very busy in their business life. (No complaints there, they were there when he needed them but they just had to work long days)

Leon has been active as a fanatic speleologist, mountaineer and kayaker. In 1972 he was part of a Belgian Expedition to go out and explore some of the rugged terrain in Greenland.

The name “Mount Leon” came across when Tom was thinking about majestic things in his life, he always looked up to his grandfather and had a special need and love for the mountains which he inherited from his grandfather. 

Unfortunately he never lived to have known this awesome company to be named after him.


As you can see Mount Leon offers a wide variety of services and products to their clients. All of this because of the fact that we live according to a stupid motto: “Why choose if you could have it all!”. 

Because of that we decided to offer our clients with all what they might need one or another time in life. For most of our projects we work together with verified Mount Leon partners
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